CDAP Grant


A business with at least $500K annual business revenue/sales (in any given year in the last three years) is eligible for this grant, as long as it is a for-profit business and has at least one employee other than the director.



CDAP (Canada Digital Adoption Program) is designed for Canadian-owned businesses to boost their business technology with a $15,000 grant and up to $100,000 interest-free loan. The government will provide these grants to eligible companies as financial assistance to help them develop a digital plan.

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We are ISED and CDAP Approved Digital Advisor

An organization that satisfies all requirements for providing digital business advisor services to qualified Canadian firms is referred to as a digital advisor registered with CDAP. In addition, when providing digital financial advisor services, they must offer vendor-neutral counsel and are bound by the CDAP Code of Conduct.

Our Calgary’s digital business advisor will collaborate with qualified businesses to create plans for adopting new technologies specific to their needs.

CDAP Guide Book

Application Process

Apply Online

Apply for CDAP at ISED’s (Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada) website.

Create a strategy

Work with an ISED- approved digital advisor to create your digital strategy/plan.

Obtain approval

You can receive up to $15,000 to reimburse your advisory fees once ISED has approved your grant.

Minimum Annual Revenue

To be eligible for this program, your annual business revenue should be at least $500,000 in any year in last three years. 

How it works

A business that meets the requirements can register online for the grant. After and only DNA (digital need assessment) the applicants will receive a connection to an online application portal by email after the approval. 

From the CDAP marketplace, businesses will select a digital advisor. Then the two parties will agree on the terms of their collaboration and begin developing the business’s digital adoption strategy. Assessing their level of digital popularity, recommending customized digital solutions to support the business strategy, advising a strategy, and developing a roadmap to direct the transformation journey are some of the things in this plan.

Finally, the businesses will upload their finished plan to the platform and be awarded the grant after completion.

CDAP Digital Advisor Marketplace

The pandemic has altered Canadians’ business practices. Businesses, employees, and clients conduct an increasing amount of business online. As a result, Canadian firms must adopt new digital technology to satisfy their customers’ expectations and maintain their competitiveness.

Boost Your Digital Marketplace

The Boost Your Business Technology grant is intended to assist businesses where digital adoption is more sophisticated and calls for more sophisticated technology. Supporting a digital economy will be essential to Canada’s long-term competitiveness since it will enable Canadian advisors’ digital marketing to expand and add more jobs.

Building and Assisting your digital marketplace CDAP will assist businesses in accelerating their digital transformation to support economic recovery. However, businesses require a successful digital adoption strategy before any significant transformation can occur. To assist businesses to develop digital adoption strategies that would advance them in their commercial endeavors, CDAP is looking for Digital Consulting and Advisory Services. The program’s digital adviser marketplace will feature digital advisors who fulfill particular qualifying requirements so that interested businesses can hire them.

Services A Digital Agency Advisor Provide to SME

Current Stat

Obtain a fair evaluation of the current digital tools and procedures.

Determine Needs

Recognize digital improvement opportunities to aid in business expansion.

Construct a Roadmap

Utilize our knowledgeable digital planners to determine how long it will take to implement your ideas.

Find Enhancements

Get advice from our experts on enhancing your KPIs using new technology.

Examine Your Investments

Learn how making more significant or lesser investments in technology upgrades will affect the growth rate.

Knowledge & Fairness

All CDAP Advisors must offer objective, professional technological recommendations to protect your interests and our experts know how to do this.


How do I submit a grant application?

The Canadian Digital Adoption Program team will process and evaluate grant applications via the application portal accessible through an online portal. Contact us so we can assist you in application process free of any charge.

Are there other options to assist me boost my business online if this grant isn’t approved?

Once your eligibility is confirmed, your grant won’t be rejected. Yes, CDAP provides many opportunities and resources to assist your online presence. Please contact us to discuss this in detail.

What are the terms of the loan?

This is an interest-free loan for up to $100,000 with 5 years term + 12 months capital postponement (so a total of 6 years). Do not hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss this in detail.

What is CDAP funded work placement?

Funded work placement is a crucial part of CDAP. Businesses can hire fresh graduates to help with digital adoption implementation. The approved businesses will receive up to $7,300 to hire through CDAP. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss this in detail.

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