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Case Studies

All of the following case studies are verified by Clutch.co (a leading B2B marketplace for IT services).

Website Redesign for Recruitment Consulting Firm

Feedback summary by Clutch.co:

Everything went according to plan. Designo Graphy Canada impressed the client with their communication skills and ability to come up with creative ideas. Furthermore, they were very attentive to the client’s needs, ensuring an excellent customer experience. The workflow was effective, too.


Web Development for Pharmaceutical Delivery Company

Feedback summary by Clutch.co:

Designo Graphy Canada was able to successfully deliver a fully-functional product, much to the delight of the client. The platform has been getting a lot of rave reviews from customers, and internal stakeholders were particularly impressed with their friendly and approachable nature.

Mobile App Dev for Engineering Company

Feedback summary by Clutch.co:

Designo Graphy significantly improved the functionality and visual design of the client’s app. The client was impressed with the quality of their work. They were communicative, professional, and efficient partners, and finished the project within the allotted time frame.


Web Design & Dev for Landscaping Supply & Installation Firm

Feedback summary by Clutch.co:

The company has been happy with Designo Graphy’s services, praising their ability to meet the client’s requirements and adjust things to align with the firm’s vision. They manage the project well, proving to be responsive at all times. They do tasks right away and provide cost-effective solutions.

E-Commerce Development for Shuttle Service Company

Feedback summary by Clutch.co:

Designo Graphy Canada tremendously completed the project, exceeding the client’s expectations. They quickly communicated and responded to all questions and concerns. Furthermore, the team was accessible, amiable, and helpful even during post-launch, providing website guidance.


Web Design for Courier & Logistics Company

Feedback summary by Clutch.co:

Designo Graphy Canada was able to create a simple web design that was well-received by the client as well as their customers. Through their expert work, the team made all elements and information on the site easily understandable.

Logo & Web Design for E-Commerce Company

Feedback summary by Clutch.co:

The client is satisfied. Designo Graphy Canada provides a professional project workflow and delivers everything on time. They have also been efficient but elaborate for a reasonable price. Overall, the client has felt their efforts as a company to meet their expectations.


Website Development Design for Construction Company

Feedback summary by Clutch.co:

Designo Graphy Canada has successfully built a platform that has received positive feedback from customers. Their accessible, helpful, and reliable approach are hallmarks of their work. Overall, they’ve established a strong partnership with the client, leading to an ongoing engagement.

Web Development for Travel Agency

Feedback summary by Clutch.co:

A collaborative team, Designo Graphy Canada was technologically adept in development and design services. They showed the importance of sticking to a schedule, which ensured on-time delivery.  Their accessibility and customer-centric approach stood out in the workflow.


Web Development Branding for Traffic  Law Advisory Firm

Feedback summary by Clutch.co:

Thanks to Design Graphy Canada’s engagement, they successfully created a strong brand identity and produce an exquisite website. The team’s design skills were critical to the project’s success. They were communicative, prompt, and creative in the workflow.

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