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Do you have an innovative software idea and need professional assistance to turn it into reality? Do you need user-friendly software to build your business brand? Or do you need custom software to streamline business processes? Then you are at the right place!

Designo Graphy is the name that stands out when it comes to software development services. We have many years of experience operating in the industry. So, we have built a reputation through client-centric business solutions. Our top-notch service and unmatched customer service at reasonable prices made us a trusted company.

Our software development Toronto company takes pride in exceeding client expectations. Our small yet expert team excels at understanding client needs. Then we go the extra mile to ensure our software solutions support your business processes.

We specialize in developing state-of-the-art software solutions. We have worked with multiple companies in Canada, from SMEs to startups and enterprises. And our dedicated team of professionals ensures to deliver quality results efficiently.

How Our Software Development Services Add Value

Software development is a complex process. It requires expertise and sufficient resources. So, hiring an in-house software development team isn’t always a viable solution.

It’s especially true for small to medium-sized businesses. With limited resources, it’s a hassle to manage an in-house team.

On the other hand, outsourcing the process to Canadian software companies brings several benefits. This may include:

  • You can acquire the services of seasoned specialists
  • It can cut down on costs and save time
  • You can expect to receive quality services
  • Software outsourcing mitigates financial risks
  • We can guide you through our vast experience and insights
  • You need not worry about managing an in-house team
  • It saves you from the hassles of payroll processing and managing benefits
  • You can focus on your core business. And leave software development services and maintenance to us
  • Since we’re based in Canada, you can easily stay in touch

Software Development Lifecycle

Requirement Analysis and Project Planning

Requirement Analysis and Project Planning

The software development lifecycle begins with requirement gathering. At this stage, our team discusses your ideas and specific software requirements. With this information, we plan the project scope. Also, we may conduct a feasibility study for desired results. Next, we choose a suitable methodology for your project.

We understand the importance of clearly defining requirements. And the SRS (Software Requirement Specifications) documents prepared by our team reflect these requirements. This comprehensive document includes a detailed description of the requirements.

SRS is crucial when it comes to achieving client satisfaction. It ensures our team and the client are on the same page. Further, it helps us ensure we don’t miss out on essential project details.

You can expect us to share this document after discussing software requirements.

Product Designing

Product Designing

Next comes the software designing phase. At this stage, we plan the software product design. This well-thought design ensures the software meets your requirements. Also, it elevates the reliability of the end product while minimizing costs.

To develop the best suitable design, we always keep our valuable clients in the loop. So, this approach has made us one of the best software development companies in Canada.

Software Development

Software Development

With software architecture and design ready, our team moves to the next stage. The development stage is an integral part of SDLC. This is where we focus on coding the software that can support your business processes.

Our diverse team of professionals has hands-on experience in coding different programming languages. So, we choose a language that best fits your needs.

You can expect us to code a functioning product. We discuss the choice of programming language with our clients beforehand. This in-depth discussion helps us avoid miscommunication down the road.

Quality Control

Quality Control

Designo Graphy has an effective quality control system in place. We aim to deliver top-notch software that can support your business growth. So, we emphasize the importance of software testing.

Quality control and testing assist us in meeting goals!

We test individual modules of the software. Also, our QA/QC team performs varying types of tests on the final product. This way, we test software functionality and reliability. Thus, we can resolve issues that might affect software performance.

When you acquire our software development services, you can rest assured about quality. The software goes through multiple testing phases for best performance. At this point, we share progress with our clients. And we get ready for deployment after your approval.


Software Deployment

Software Deployment

When the software is ready, we reach out to clients. They verify that the project fits the initial requirements. At this stage, our expert team prepares the product for deployment.

We release the software and deploy it to your network. In this regard, our deployment team installs the software efficiently. Then we test it in a real-life environment. This way, we ensure it functions as expected and is free of glitches.

Your business team may need assistance to get a grasp of functionalities. Aside from software installation, we assist our clients in understanding how to use the product. We can guide your team about its functionalities and troubleshooting.

Post-Deployment Maintenance

Post-Deployment Maintenance

Our software services can turn your ideas into reality. But no software product can be perfect. Right?

Business practices evolve with time. So, it’s essential to adapt to the changing world. And our ongoing software support services are just what you need.

Post-deployment maintenance software is concerned with the software’s functionality in the long run. We can assist you in enhancing its performance with time. We can also add new features and modules as your business grows.


Software Methodologies

Do you know how we succeed at developing successful projects? It’s our combined effort to choose the best methodology fit. We analyze your specific requirements. Then we opt for the methodology that is suitable for the scenario.

Let’s take a look at the most common SDLC methodologies we use.

Waterfall Development Methodology

The waterfall methodology is the traditional method for software development. While it’s been in use for decades, it’s still widely popular.

The reason? It’s because this linear methodology of software application development is efficient. So, it works best for small projects where quick delivery of custom software is the priority. It’s often the suitable option when you need cost-effective software solutions for small businesses.

When it comes to the waterfall model, there are fewer risks involved. We clarify and finalize requirements before moving on to the next stage. This makes the software development services task straightforward.

Agile Software Development

Agile methodology is among the most popular choices for all the good reasons. It shifts focus from traditional, linear methods to adaptable approaches.

The Agile method is popular in software company Toronto due to its customer-centric approach. We need not rely on lengthy documents to deliver your projects. Instead, we can keep our clients in the loop. This approach is all about regular feedback and incorporating this feedback into the software.

The strength of this methodology lies in effective communication. Project stakeholders can regularly communicate to ensure the software meets quality standards. Also, it’s feasible to incorporate potential changes in initial requirements.

Prototype Software Model

As the name suggests, this methodology focuses on software prototypes. Instead of working on full-feature software, developers first design and develop a prototype. These prototypes represent the functionality of the actual product.

The benefit of this method is that clients can analyze it beforehand. They can share feedback about potential issues with the software. While it can affect costs and timelines, it improves client satisfaction.

Software Services We Offer

Custom Software Solution

Technology is the key to growth for businesses in today’s competitive market.

Need to streamline business operations? Invest in a reliable custom software solution!

Need to improve customer experience? A software solution is an answer!

Need to process employee payroll efficiently? Innovative software is your go-to option!

You can acquire our services to take your business to new heights. We possess expertise in developing custom software that suits the needs of our valuable clients.

With our tech solutions, you can transform your business. So, is your goal to maximize ROI? Then feel free to contact us for the development of software solutions.

SaaS Applications

We can develop and deploy software products to meet your business needs. But we also possess the technical expertise to create SaaS applications for you.

For this purpose, we make the most of suitable frameworks, cloud computing, and servers. These applications drive value to your business.

SaaS applications save you the hassle of complex hardware and software management. You need not invest your limited business resources in updating hardware and software. Instead, you can access the solution via the internet. And you can entrust the tasks of security, performance, and maintenance to us.

Ongoing Support Services

Our services aren’t limited to enterprise software development. We also offer seamless software configuration and deployment services.

Our professional team can deploy the software in your IT environment and optimize it to ensure compatibility. Further, we’ll train your team to use the maintenance management software efficiently.

Aside from that, we also specialize in software maintenance. We offer ongoing maintenance and support services. With this service, we can resolve issues that may hinder software functionality. We can also perform regular maintenance to enhance performance and adaptability to changing business needs.


Heat Master SS Web Dashboard

 Heat Master SS is a well-known manufacturer of outdoor wood furnaces. Our remarkable team has developed a centralized database, admin web Interface & mobile app for HeatMaster SS, and the web application is designed especially for HeatMaster SS admin.
This web application shows the stats of registered dealers, Warranty Claims, and Payment authorization on the admin dashboard.
Furthermore, the web app is connected with Zoho CRM in real time. Admin can view, list and Search the dealer’s personal details, debit payments, warranty claims (directly from the centralized database, which updates through CRM APIs) and get updates from the CRM whenever an update occurs.
Admin can generate the newsletters and share it with registered dealers, moreover the web app allows admin to generate news and upcoming events on calendar and share them with all registered dealers or with desired dealers. This centralized web interface helps HeatMaster SS administration to keep an eye on synced data information from CRM to mobile app.
We feel pleased to help our valuable clients and make things easier and swifter for them.

Heat Master SS Web Dashboard Portfolio

Why Designo Graphy?

Do you know why Designo Graphy is one of the best software companies in Canada?

We Don’t Compromise on Quality

Designo Graphy has a stringent software quality assurance system in place. We emphasize delivering top-quality software solutions. Thus, we don’t compromise on quality for cost-cutting.

We come up with well-designed solutions as per client requirements. Then our QA team performs rigorous testing. This is how we identify and remove potential bugs and ensure it performs desired functions.

Achieving Customer Satisfaction is Our Priority

At Designo Graphy, we believe our clients deserve the best. And we leave no stone unturned in satisfying client needs. We go above and beyond to deliver quality results to your satisfaction.

Also, we understand your time is valuable. So, we have adopted efficient approaches. We develop software solutions at speed. Our deployment and maintenance operations are resource-efficient too.

We discuss project details and the expected deadline with clients beforehand. Then we manage resources to deliver results within the deadline.

We have Adopted a Fair Pricing Policy

Don’t you dislike it when a software development company adds hidden charges to the invoice? We know the feeling! After all, we despise it too.

Our organization doesn’t believe in lying to valuable clients. We have a fair pricing policy. You can expect to receive precise fee details before we begin the project. And you can trust us not to bombard you with hidden costs.

Moreover, we don’t overcharge our amazing clients for custom software development. Our pricing policy reflects our expertise and experience. So, we quote straightforward yet reasonable pricing for our services. You can expect us to add value to your business with software solutions.

Our Professionals Has Diverse Backgrounds

We have built a team of experienced developers, including embedded software engineers. Our team of professionals comes from different backgrounds. But we have some things in common. We are experts at what we do. And we are passionate about serving our clients in the best possible ways.

We are a Reputable Software Firm

We take pride in serving our vast customer base at our software company Canada. Our agency has worked with many businesses and delivered our promises. The long list of satisfied customers is a testament to our quality service. This is why we have earned a positive reputation.

We are a reliable embedded software development services company. So, it presented us with the opportunity to work with big names across Canada. Do you need referrals of satisfied clients for peace of mind before acquiring our services? Then we’ll gladly share the information you need.

At the same time, we are conscious of the privacy of our clients. So, we ask for prior consent before sharing their information.


Are you looking for software companies near me? Then Designo Graphy is the go-to option for all your business software needs!

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