Mobile App Development Services

Designo Graphy is an innovative mobile app development services provider. We specialize in developing user-friendly custom apps for businesses as well as individuals.

Who We Are?

When it comes to app development in Canada, Designo Graphy can’t be ignored. We have earned the reputation of a leading app development company through dedication and on-time delivery of affordable solutions.

Our team makes the most of modern frameworks, technologies, and languages to create solutions that work for you. We specialize in different programming languages and technology from Java to Kotlin and C#.

We have an experienced team of professional developers who understand what you’re looking for. And our effective app development process assists us in developing native or hybrid apps that can succeed in the market.

An experienced and reputable mobile app development Canada services provider can efficiently design and develop apps to generate results. Are you looking for the best app development companies in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton or other cities in Canada? Then you can trust our mobile app development company.


Our Mobile App Solutions

We develop user-friendly mobile apps that can transform your business. For this purpose, we use the latest and advanced technology suitable for your requirements. We utilize appropriate frameworks to ensure the app is compatible with various devices and empowers your brand.

Our services aren’t only limited to native apps, and we also possess expertise in designing and developing custom web apps and cross-platform applications.

Native Android App Development

The android application development process requires thorough planning. So, our android app development team uses the agile methodology to develop apps that are easy to use. These apps also include essential functionalities that can offer an unmatched user experience.

Our team of app strategists, UI/UX designers, and developers work together to make your app ideas into reality. We ensure these apps are compatible with smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices.

Once the app is ready, our quality control team tests the app to ensure the project is up to the mark. Later, we deliver it to the client or submit it to Android Play Store as per client requirements.

iOS App Development

Aside from developing apps for the Android operating system, we also offer iOS development services. Over the past decade, we have assisted established businesses with iOS apps and continue designing and developing iOS apps that dominate the digital market.

Do you need an iOS app to promote your business and expand the customer base? Or do you need a commercial app or game? Then you can feel free to acquire our service at reasonable pricing.

Hybrid Mobile Apps

Android devices hold 86% of the market share in the global market, whereas iOS devices make up around 12% of the market share. However, we understand that our clients may need mobile apps that can run on any device regardless of the operating system.

Therefore, Designo Graphy offers unique mobile application development services. We can create web apps and cross-platform hybrid apps.

Our reliable team is equipped with the latest technology and domain knowledge. Also, we are passionate about delivering scalable apps to support your business.

Hybrid apps are similar to native apps. But they differ in the sense that they are accessible through a browser. This way, they don’t take up a lot of memory space on the device.

Key Clients

Our Mobile App Development Process

Designo Graphy is the top app development company across the country. Our certified team has remarkable experience developing award-winning quality mobile apps with guaranteed results (check out positive customer reviews on Google, Clutch.co, and DesignRush).

Do you know how our mobile app development works? Let’s find out!

Idea Generation

Our apps development process begins with idea generation. Do you have an idea for an outstanding app? Our mobile app developers perform feasibility analysis to determine whether the concept is viable. Furthermore, we can assist you in refining the app idea through our years of experience.

We ensure the app idea is aligned with your long-term and short-term business goals. And we take pride in achieving customer satisfaction via customer-centric projects.


The next step after finalizing the idea is to create a strategic roadmap for the app. We are the leading app developers in Canada and develop custom strategies to best suit your specific needs.

For this purpose, we document client requirements along with project specifications. That includes the technology and framework we plan to use and workflow for the entire project.

Our team professionally collaborates with you to ensure the creative process works flawlessly. And we create an executable plan from the beginning to the end for app development through collaboration.

UI/UX Designing

Whether you need Android, hybrid, or iOS app development services, Designo Graphy would be a fantastic partner.

We focus on designs that simplify users’ lives by presenting functionalities in a user-friendly interface when working on mobile apps. Even when it comes to complex solutions, we know how to offer a seamless user experience. We use a combination of advanced tools to design eye-catching visuals for the app.

UI/UX design requires a clear understanding of business goals and the target audience. So, we conduct ample research to understand your audience’s interests, demographics, online behaviour, and preferences. Based on this information, we create user personas to develop a suitable design to generate desired results.

Mobile App Development

Now that we have laid the foundation, our app developers get busy with mobile app development as per strategic decisions taken in previous stages.

We regularly communicate with clients to share updates regarding the development process and incorporate changes provided through feedback. We focus on the app’s functionality and ensure everything works as per expectations.

During app development, we pay special attention to the security of apps and develop secure solutions. If the app requires the integration of payment processors, we make sure the app can process payments securely. This way, customers can use the app and enter personal and credit card information without worrying about the safety of these critical details.

Launch and Support Services

What makes our mobile app development services stand out is our effort to exceed customer expectations. We set realistic deliverables and meet project deadlines without unnecessary delays.

But our mobile app development lifecycle doesn’t end with programming the app. We perform thorough and repetitive automated and manual testing to evaluate functionalities. It’s essential to ask for the client’s approval before launching the app.

Whether you need us to deploy the app on a digital marketplace or deploy it to your server, we can take care of the process. Further, we can deploy it on your behalf on Google Play Store, App Store, or other digital stores.

We also assist our clients through ongoing support services. Our team can monitor performance and troubleshoot potential errors. And we can help you promote the app to the ideal audience.

Mobile App Development Services We Offer

What kind of android app development software do you need? We can develop modern apps for different industries.

Ecommerce Solutions

We have worked with business clients who intended to sell their products and services online. You may need to launch a new mobile app to attract customers and increase sales or revamp the existing app for your store. We can assist you with the mobile application design and development process no matter what you need.

We offer services to brick and mortar companies, retail stores, and eCommerce businesses. Our developers know how to integrate different payment solutions to process payments by customers.

With our easy-to-use mobile app solutions, you can effortlessly raise revenue and grow your customer base.


Designo Graphy also assists small to medium-sized businesses in creating their online presence through smartphone apps. Whether you own a restaurant, trade business, or any other specialized company, we can assist you in increasing sales for your business through tech apps.

Your customers can order your products, inquire about your services, and hire professionals through these apps. Moreover, they can communicate with the support team regarding problems and share feedback to help you further improve your services.

Aside from SMEs, we have also worked with large businesses and helped them build feature-rich customized apps with the help of the latest technology.

Apps for In-House Teams

While businesses often need mobile apps to improve user experience, you may also need these digital solutions for your in-house team. So, contact us to develop native Android, iOS, or hybrid solutions for your business team.

With these solutions, you can automate business processes, enable the internal team to effectively communicate with each other, delegate tasks without hassles, and keep track of business projects.

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