eCommerce Website Development

We offer Shopify & WooCommerce-based e-Commerce solutions that sell!

eCommerce Website Solutions

Ecommerce website development is far from simple website development. You need a design that makes it easier for internet users to browse through the site. They can explore the features of the platform and find out which products or services you sell.

An eCommerce web development becomes a true success when it maintains a reasonable conversion rate. On average, the conversion rate of an eCommerce business is around 2.86%. This means you need to make the online store and content appealing to online visitors.

Designo Graphy has vast experience in developing websites that assist you in achieving this goal. We come up with intuitive e-commerce designs that offer the ultimate user experience. Also, our compelling website content and product/service descriptions convince website visitors to make a buying decision before they leave the website.

eCommerce Solution

People are busier today than before. From professional responsibilities to personal life, there’s so much to keep us busy. This is why most of us agree that eCommerce solutions are a blessing.

Consumers need not spend hours shopping in stores and commuting. Instead, they can buy anything from the comfort of their home through an eCommerce store. They can order almost everything online from grocery to fast food, personal hygiene, furniture, electronics, and home care items.

Do you want to capture the attention of this vast audience? And do you want to earn their trust by providing these products at their doorstep? Then an eCommerce solution is just what you need!

Our Dropshipping Solutions

When you launch a retail business, the biggest challenge is maintaining inventory. Also, delivering customer orders in a timely manner can be a hassle. But don’t worry, you can say goodbye to these issues with dropshipping stores.

Dropshipping is an order fulfillment method where you do not need to buy the inventory to sell products online. You buy a single item from a local or international seller whenever a customer places an order on your website and ship them directly to your customer. You only need to promote these products via your dropshipping store.

Do you know why dropshipping has become a billion-dollar industry?


You can quickly launch your store


It requires low starting capital


You can easily fulfill customer orders


It’s easier to sell products in the global market

Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms. But WooCommerce also offers options that are essential to business growth in the digital world. We have a team of certified Shopify web developers.

Also, our team offers WooCommerce services so you can sell products to your target audience. You can hire our WooCommerce or Shopify development services to develop your custom dropshipping store.

Ecommerce Development Services

You may want to start a new retail business, or you may intend to digitize your existing business model. So, consult our Shopify experts to discuss your project. You can always trust us to deliver guaranteed results as promised.

eCommerce Web Design

Our eCommerce web design services promise to deliver functional solutions. Thus, we specialize in developing user-friendly website interfaces. We create websites that facilitate visitors to quickly find what they are looking for.

Our web designs are responsive. So, users can enjoy a great experience regardless of their device. We also add customer testimonials of your satisfied customers. This way, you can make a positive impression and convince visitors to buy from you.

Product Entry

We know entering product data into your website is a hassle, and this is especially true when you sell a wide range of products. So, trust our team to carry out this task for you efficiently.

We meticulously enter product data to ensure it’s free of any errors. Further, we are cautious about meeting deadlines and delivering projects promptly.

Product Descriptions

Displaying product images isn’t enough for online stores, and you need to inform potential customers about their prominent features. Also, it’s essential to guide them about how the products can be useful to them.

Our eCommerce expert team can assist you in this regard. We come up with compelling descriptions that sell, and our creativity impresses target customers and entices them to buy from your store.

Payment Gateway Integration

We are a leading eCommerce website development company in Canada. And we excel at payment integration with eCommerce websites.
Your customers may prefer different payment methods that are convenient to them. So, we discuss the options with you to choose the most suitable payment gateways. Then we integrate them with your website for secure and quick payment processing.

Secure Store

Our eCommerce development takes pride in developing secure websites.

When it comes to eCommerce stores, customer trust is everything. When they trust you, they will stay with you and make frequent purchases. Also, they love promoting your brand. To build mutual trust, you should focus on protecting their personal data.

During the Shopify app development process, we ensure customer information is secure in your store, and their data and payment information is kept safe through safety measures. Also, we implement necessary measures to ensure no unauthorized users can access this data and cause legal trouble for you.

Search Engine Optimization

Aside from creative design and inspiring content, you need more to run your store. You need to increase traffic, so more and more people get to know about your market offerings.

This is what our SEO team can assist you with!

We create a custom SEO strategy for your business. Also, we implement the strategy to improve your SEO ranking for suitable and high-traffic keywords.

For this purpose, we come up with SEO-friendly content and product descriptions. Moreover, we take care of off-page and technical aspects of SEO to ensure people can easily find the website.

Live Chat Options

When browsing your website, potential customers may have some questions for you. So, we add live chat plugins to help you communicate with them. So, you can build a rapport by answering their questions and boosting their on-site experience.

Why Our Ecommerce Store Stands Out

Responsive Design

Your target audience may access the eCommerce store in different ways. They may use a desktop or smart portable devices. So, we make sure the store seamlessly works on a variety of devices and browsers. For a complete store setup, we choose an attractive theme and set up suitable plugins.

Product Variety

We create websites where you can display and sell your products. The website can accommodate as many products as you want to advertise. And our team can assist you with product entry and product descriptions too.

Impeccable Security

Developing secure solutions is the specialty of our eCommerce development company. We install an SSL certificate for security. Also, we adopt industry best practices to protect the confidential information of your customers.

Good Site Speed

We are also particular about the speed of your eCommerce platform. So, we use a suitable eCommerce framework. Your online store quickly loads content to increase customer engagement.

Our eCommerce Web Development Process

We are a reputable eCommerce web development company. Therefore, we have created a proven method of Shopify theme development.

We begin the project by learning about your business. We discuss your goals and vision for online growth. Then we design a strategy that aligns with your business goals. Your input is extremely valuable to us not only during this phase but throughout the project.

While selecting a domain and hosting plan, if you’re unsure which options are best, we can help you out. We offer suggestions based on our experience and help you choose the best plans for your requirements.

The next step in WooCommerce development is to design a layout for the store. We modify eCommerce themes and install plugins and widgets that boost features. For website development, we opt for advanced technology.

You may acquire our services for writing an engaging website copy and captivating descriptions for categories and products. We follow SEO best practices to make your store stand out.

Before delivering the project to our clients, we thoroughly test it. Once the client is happy, we deploy it on the server and make it live for customers. Our ongoing post-deployment support services are helpful for ensuring that the website runs smoothly without unwanted errors.


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