Government Grant of $2390

This grant is available to officially registered businesses with at least one worker besides the owner. Additionally, the business must have earned a minimum of $30,000 in revenue during the most recent tax year they filed.

Grant Technology

Eligibility Criteria

You are eligible to receive funding from the government if your business:

Operates as a for-profit entity, including for-profit social enterprises and cooperatives.

It is officially registered or incorporated.

Sells products or services directly to consumers.

Has at least one employee other than the owner.

Has generated a minimum of $30,000 in annual revenue during the most recent tax year they filed.

Our fees

We won’t ask you for an additional fee to assist you with your grant application because, as a Canadian service provider, our costs are covered in this program. However, we require a $100 retainer to ensure your commitment to this program. This retainer also guarantees that you’ll continue working with us after approval. If not, you will lose the retainer.

We are helping Canadian businesses to get the most out of government programs but at the same time, we also need to help ourselves. What if we spend hours and hours on getting you approved for this program, and you walk away with one of our competitors? That will be a total loss. This $100 retainer is not a huge amount, but it will ensure that we are not wasting our time.

This retainer is refundable in case the government does not approve you. We confirm your eligibility before asking for a retainer, so we don’t waste anyone’s time, especially when we know we are not getting anything out of this application. If you want more details, check the section at the end of this page to learn about ineligible businesses.

Our Fees

What is this grant for?

This grant is for those businesses who want to set up their presence online. You can use this grant for:
Creating a new e-commerce website or adding features to your existing site, like online booking or ordering systems and electronic payment options.
Creating an e-commerce platform, including subscription costs.
Hiring a consultant to assist with digital marketing strategies for your online store, such as improving website search results and using social media for advertising.

However, as per government guidelines, you can’t use the grant solely for search engine marketing or social media advertising. These activities must be part of an overall e-commerce plan and not treated as standalone expenses.

Additionally, you can use the grant to track and manage inventory and sales, market to customers, offer discounts, maintain a loyalty program, or enhance cybersecurity through e-commerce software. Redesigning an existing website is not eligible for funding.

Application process

Either you apply on your own, or we walk you through it. You are going to provide proof of spending before you get the grant. So why don’t we help you get approved free of cost? That is not going to cost you anything extra but it is definitely going to ease the process for you.

  1. We will help you with the application process. First, we’ll show you how to apply online on the government’s website.

2. Once you’re approved for the grant, the government will ask you to get a cost estimate from a Canadian service provider, and that’s us.

3. After you send the estimated cost, the government will check and approve it. Once approved, they’ll want you to send them the invoice and payment receipt from the Canadian service provider, which is us.

4. When you give them these documents, the government will give you the funds you were granted. They will not release the funds until you provide proof of spending. This way, you will get free of cost services.

Ineligible Businesses

Your business cannot apply for this if it falls into any of these categories:

It’s a big chain or part of a franchise, or it’s a charity.

It represents a multi-level marketing company.

It works as a brokerage firm, like real estate agents, investment advisors, or insurance agents.

It relies on online reselling or drop-shipping using third-party suppliers.

It’s a wholesale or distribution business or a manufacturer unless you sell your products directly to consumers.

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