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At Designo Graphy, we are a reputable Canadian digital agency. We have built an impressive portfolio of projects by exceeding our clients’ expectations. From web development to software development services, SEO, app development and AR/VR project development, we offer our valued clients a wide range of services.

For this reason, The Manifest has highlighted Designo Graphy as a leading company in Calgary’s web development industry. The Manifest is a business news and how-to website that compiles and analyses B2B business guides to help you advance your business savvy. Find the best match for your project by skimming The Manifest’s free shortlist of top-performing agencies worldwide, and you will find the Designo Graph in 10th place (as of Nov 2022).

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Let’s jump into the past and see where it all began to know more about how we got here.

In 2013, Derek Tabasam registered a small business. He started working as a subcontractor (a kind of employee position). In 2021 he expanded the business and established a company (Designo Graphy) to partner with dedicated and highly qualified specialists, ready to provide outstanding quality and the most effective business solutions at a low, competitive price.

In 2022, we have expanded our business to three more cities (Toronto, Edmonton, and Vancouver)

We worked with several local clients. In one of the mobile app development projects with Circal Engineering Inc., the client developed a simple mobile application that wasn’t very graphically pleasing, and the functionality wasn’t great. They were looking for a partner who could improve the application to make it look better and more professional.

“Designo Graphy made the application look much better and more finished and significantly improved the functionality. We’re happy with the result and how quickly they delivered the application.” – Tom Overgaard, Co-Owner, Circal Engineering Inc.

In 2022, The Manifest recognized Calgary’s 15 most reviewed web development agencies, naming Designo Graphy among the leaders. We’re truly honoured to receive this award, as it validates our dedication and hard work to ensure client satisfaction.

Let our solutions facilitate your business growth. Here you can book a free consultation to discuss your project.

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