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Why does page speed matter?

Slow-loading website increases bounce rate, decreases average time on page, decreases your SEO ranking and directly impacts your business earnings. An ideal LCP (largest contentful paint/element) is 1.2 seconds or less and an ideal page load time is 1-3 seconds. If your website is not loading in less than 3 seconds then it’s time to spend a little money for a huge return.

Following are few benefits of page speed optimization.

  • Improved User-experience
  • Faster loading time
  • Good conversion rate
  • Reduced bounce rate
  • Good search-engine ranking

How to optimize page speed?

There is a number of factors that contribute to reducing the website speed. The major one is a slow web hosting plan which is not true in the case of Shopify. The other major factor is the number of apps or plugins installed. More the number of apps you have the slower your website loads because they all load in a separate HTTP request. To improve your store speed you need to reduce those HTTP requests as much as you can. Following are few tips to improve the speed of your store.

  • Reduce the number of apps or plugins installed to reduce HTTP requests
  • Delete unnecessary images to reduce HTTP requests
  • Reduce the size of images so they can load faster
  • Implement the lazy loading technique to improve user experience
  • Ignore irrelevant assets on the page
  • Minifying CSS and JavaScript files
  • Combine CSS and JavaScript files.
  • Deferring JavaScript

One app that solved most of the issues

Vitals app is one of the best app out there that also helps improve your website speed because this app opens in a single HTTP request and benefits you equivalent of up to 40 apps. It also saves you lots of money as compared to having the same services from other available apps. This app can increase your speed up to double, only if there are no other major issues like CSS and JavaScript. The CSS and JavaScript can be minified, combined and deferred/delayed to increase the speed up to  100% (Contact us for free page speed analysis). Vital apps offer you a 30-day free trial to test their app free of cost. See below how Vitals stacks up against running your store the hard way.

Other Apps packages

Click here to signup today and get a 30-day free trial. We can help you if you are having trouble setting up this app, you can contact us for a free quote. We will be more than happy to set this up for optimized benefits.

For optimized results

Three other major techniques, that improve page speed up to 100%, are minification of CSS and JavaScript, combination of CSS and JavaScript and deferring of JavaScript. For all those techniques you need to hire a developer to do this for you. We also offer these services. You can contact us for free page speed analysis and a quotation to optimize the speed. Follow are the results (before and after speed optimization) of one of the stores we built.

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